Traditional Salsa

I’ve got some of you asking for “novice salsa guidance” and I think that a traditional tomato salsa is a great place to start. That said, there isn’t really one traditional salsa recipe, type, or style. I’ll share my preferred salsa recipe below, but I’d also like to talk a little bit about the history of salsa and how it somehow has become such a mainstay in American cuisine, despite the American president being total twat about it.

The history of salsa is widely considered to start with the Inca people after Spaniards dropped a bunch of tomatoes in Medico in the 1500s. Aztec folks combined these tomatoes with chili peppers and squash seeds to create a condiment to go atop or beside meat. Pretty much every salsa recipe is still tomatoes, chili peppers, and accessories.

To make my “signature chunky salsa” I simply chop up a bunch of stuff, mix it in a bowl, and serve it with chips. I’ve put an asterisk beside the required ingredients. The rest are options and to the discretion of the cook – they may also simply be what’s left in the crisper drawer!

*Red tomatoes, diced
*Bell peppers, diced
*Chili peppers, diced (jalapeno, serrano, etc)
*Red onion, diced
*Lime juice
*Salt and Pepper
Black beans