Most salsas are rich and flavorful enough to be served with simple tortilla chips. But of course, simple is not always the goal when serving food. There are lots of other options to help complement your salsa. Here are some ideas:

Fruit salsas are often best accompanying a main protein dish. Apple salsa is great with a pork chop. A simple tomato lime salsa is great with a strong fish while a sweet mango salsa is delicious atop a milder fish like tilapia.

Fried plantains are soooo yummy but a little bit sweet, so it’s a great idea to use spicier more hearty salsas with fried plantains so that you’re not competing for sweetness. I like to do fried plantains with a smokey chipotle style salsa.

A nice simple red salsa may be mixed with ketchup or served on its own to accompany breakfast. Scrambled eggs topped with salsa is a great and healthy breakfast.

My mother uses a can of salsa as a starter for a crock pot chili or tortilla soup.

And finally, a thinned out salsa (thinned with lime juice, probably) is a great marinade for fish, poultry, or tofu proteins.

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